The new YouTube app

As you may know, last month Apple stated that their license with Google to include the YouTube app pre-installed on iOS devices has ended. What does this mean for you? Well, if you have an iOS device, you can get the new YouTube app from the app store right now. After installing it, you’ll notice it’s slightly different to the Android app with the main feed – you can opt out of Google’s non-subscription based suggestions. That is, you can stick with just seeing uploads from people you subscribe to in your main stream, rather than also see what they comment on, what they rate, and what they add to playlists. Personally, I welcome ┬áthis for two reasons; one being that with YouTube preloading on Android bumps subscribed uploads off the list in preference for newer activity which is just someone commenting on a video, and secondly, the entire activity list resulted in browsing through a lengthy stream of potentially uninteresting material.

The animations also feel a bit slicker than the Android ones in that it bounces a bit rather than just sliding to the side, resulting in the new iOS app feeling more polished and thought-out than the Android one.


Apple suing Amazon

And this time, it’s for perfectly founded reasons (Apple suing people, not specifically Amazon in the past). Amazon are creating an ‘Appstore’ that will allow apps to be sold via Android. Apparently, these will be proper apps, not just ‘book stuff’.

Find iPhone app

Now, I don’t have a mobile me account (yet) so I can’t test it, but from what it would seem with Apple’s Find iPhone app that it helps you find your missing iPhone. The error (if I am correct) would be that if you have lost it, you can’t use an app on it to find it as you don’t know where it is. If it is a multitasking background app, than that’s not as mad, but it worked fine without it anyway. Does Apple think that people are so rich they have one iPhone that they lose and another that they use to find it? Seemingly pointless.