December 2010
Clearly, it’s a new month, and the stats are rising steadily, so I hope that I will get more than 201 views this month! (would beat current record)

15th June 2010

New Header has arrived!

You may have seen (of course you haven’t) the logo over the past few days changing. It has now reached the near final version, we’re just trying to remove the white bits if possible.

11th June 2010

New header/my own logo coming soon.

This time, unlike 3 months ago on twitter, I mean it! ūüôā

12th May 2010

O2/Tesco Mobile Service down overnight.

Why is this hidden across the whole internet? The only place I could find any information was Twitter. I stayed awake throughout the entire¬†panic, from the start of the down-ness till the end at about 4:30/5:00 Am (hard to remember, I was tired). Luckily, it was only overnight, as imagine the nation wide horror when they woke up and couldn’t use GPRS on their O2/Tesco Mobile phones (and possibly also phone calls, though I didn’t check the phone bit myself)

20th February 2010, 14:57

GTA4 DLC for the PS3:

As everyone knows, there is downloadable content for GTA4 on the Xbox 360, but not the PS3. This is due to Sony being selfish and not admitting to Rockstar that the PS2 was a success mainly due to the GTA games for it. And, as I had always said, this would be a timed deal, like the iPhone and O2 deal, and guess what, apparently it was! The details of what the DLC will be are still hazy (could be new stories or the old Xbox 360 ones)


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