It was recommended that I pull this site. Well, I’m not going to. However, just in case one of Apple’s lawyers stumble upon this site, I have this polite (no, really) message for them:

Dear Lawyers,

This site is basically just a debate. I throw my opinion out there in a post, and friends (hopefully a wider audience soon) comment on it with their point of view. I have alreadyoutlined in the recent ‘I think we can see where this is going…’ post that I am in favour of your company. Other people (commentors etc.) may not be, but I, the author of the site am. I am not in anyway trying to discredit your fabulous company, just putting my (99% of the time) favourable¬†point of view out there for the world to see, as hey, that’s what the internet is all about nowadays. This ‘blog’ is just a fun debate, not a serious media attempt to affect your company or anything like that. The website is called ‘Is Apple Evil Or Not’ just as a bit of fun. Clearly, Apple is not evil, as will be revealed at the end of the year (2010).



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