iOS Solutions

Frozen iOS device?

So, people regularly think their iOS device is broken because it’s frozen or not acting properly. Well, the simplest way to try and fix it is the following:


  • You may need to plug it into iTunes afterwards to get functionality again, so make sure you have a computer nearby. However, I’d recommend disconnecting it from anything before restarting it.
  • It will take longer to start up than normal, because it wasn’t switched off properly. Don’t worry if it’s taking a while, that’s natural.
  1. Hold down the power button and the home button, like you would if you were taking a screenshot, but keep the buttons held down instead of releasing.
  2. The screen should now go blank after a short while and the Apple logo should soon appear
  3. Wait for the iOS device to start up. This could take 5 minutes, so be patient.
  4. Once it has booted, you’ll hopefully be greeted by your lockscreen. If it’s showing the connect to iTunes icon instead, just plug it in to iTunes. You won’t need to sync it, just connect it.

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