128GB iPad is a reality

A couple days back there were rumours of an upcoming iDevice having 128GB storage capabilities from info in a developer release of iOS 6.1. Today Apple confirmed that they will be producing a 128GB iDevice, and while it isn’t an iPhone as many were dreaming, it’s the retina iPad 4. Available for sale from the 5th February at $799 for WiFi and $929 for WiFi/cellular.

Also in recent Apple news was the release of iOS 6.1, most importantly broadening LTE compatability. I know iOS X.X releases aren’t accompanied with an Apple keynote, but with this iPad announcement Apple feels publicly more like Microsoft than Job’s Apple…


It’s not about what you make, it’s about what you do.

Once again, Apple is in the process of announcing some new products, in this case the new Apple TV and the new iPad. As usual, they are using facts and figures to rubbish their so called ‘competition’. I’m being flippant with the competition in inverted commas, obviously. But Apple does have a knack for bending the statistics to their advantage. For a company that has for so many years provided for a niche, they do like to try and go all-out these days. It would be fairly hard to argue against the typical statement that “Apple don’t invent, they merely innovate through providing a better solution to a problem created by those who didn’t get it right the first time”. So the new iPad has a better graphics chip in the form of the A5X processor. I can imagine that the first real game to utilise the new retina display and graphics capabilities will be Real Racing by Firemint… Other companies may make better graphics chips, or provide devices with higher specifications, but as this post is titled,

“it’s not about what you make, it’s about how you do it”

Apple is good at making things work well with the lowest specifications possible. My 3rd generation iPod Touch can play Real Racing 2 just fine, with better visuals than my HTC Trophy. The iPod has a processor clocked at 600MHz and 256MB of RAM. The Trophy has a 1GHz processor and 576MB RAM. No, my iPod doesn’t have retina display, so I can still see the pixels, whereas I can’t on the Trophy, but the games just look better. The games on WP7 and for that matter, Android, just aren’t as visually appealing. I’m fairly sure many die-hard Android users would claim otherwise, even after they’ve used an iOS device, but they are usually being just a bit short sighted. If i showed them two identical screens, and all they could see was the screens,   and I showed them NfS Hot Pursuit on an iPod with retina display, versus, I guess, NfS Hot Pursuit on an Android device, they’d say the iOS one was better. You have to hand it to Apple, they really do know how to do it right.

iPad 2!

At long last, Apple have finally announced the iPad 2! First thing to notice is that yes, everyone got the name right in their predictions (unlike the 3Gs). It looks amazing. 33% more amazing to be precise. With a rear style akin to the iPod Touch and a grill on the back, this looks old yet very, very new. Why a grill? My guess is because of the 1Ghz dual-core A5 chip. Everything has improved. Two cameras, better graphics, thinner than the iPhone 4 (the world’s thinnest smartphone) and a fast processor. And you’ll be able to get some great new Apple apps for it, such as GarageBand! I have to say, this seems to be Apple’s biggest update to a product ever (e.g. this is like jumping from the original iPhone straight to the iPhone 4). Oh, and it’s being released in a week (in the US, later this month for most other big-on-Apple-products countries).




More in-depth post about the event coming soon – *spoiler alert*  Steve Jobs was back on the stage presenting it!

Apple iPad 2 leaks – looking rather fake

We will probably never get any Apple leaks as early and legitimate as the iPhone 4 fiasco, and this alleged leak doesn’t look like coming even close. With the iPad 2 announcement (presumably) just round the corner, people are less likely to brush away this claim, but these grainy photos don’t look like the typical Apple design style. Admittedly, the iPhone 4 looked rather odd and awkward when we all saw the photos, but this just looks messy. The grill on the back? Not really Apple’s style. Nor is an SD card slot. The ability to increase your storage space for A LOT less then the hundreds of dollars you would have to pay Apple? Hardly likely. Apple only recently changed their larger products to ‘accept’ third party hardware parts like RAM, so Apple giving up their grasp on portable device storage? Unlikely. I guess Apple could put some sort of lock on how an SD card could function in it, but presumably a jailbreak feature would be released to fully utilise (in the near future) a 2TB SDXC card as functioning storage, and Apple really wouldn’t want that happening.

Want to see the leaked images? Click here!

Happy New Year!

Happy 2011! May it be a happy and prosperous new year.

What do we expect on the Apple side of things? An iPhone 5/4Gs (who knows), new iPods (maybe the Classic will get updated at last), hopefully at least the second generation of iPad, maybe a new generation of MacBook Pro. Not forgetting the imminent launch of Mac OS Lion and the Mac App Store.

Yet another tablet: Now it’s Next.

Sigh. Apple releases what the public receives as a pointless device, and then everyone starts making them. The WeTab, JooJoo Tablet, Dell and Samsung. Even Next.  Not NeXT the Apple related company, but Next the clothes shop. Seriously? Yes. A clothes shop has started selling a tablet device. Of course this comes nowhere near to even the WeTab, let alone the iPad. Anyhow, it’s only £180. Clearly, there is a catch. Not much of a catch, but still a catch. It runs Android, has a 10 inch screen, 8GB of solid state storage and WiFi, 2 USB ports and a microphone. No multi touch or anything like that, so will not be much of a rival, however, for a cheap tablet, it has some pretty good specifications.

Just as I thought they had changed…

There are rumours sneaking about that Apple will be charging iPad owners to update to iOS 4 in the autumn. Giving iOS4 away for free to iPhone users and iPod Touch users was amazing of Apple, but if this rumour is true, I shall be disappointed in them. I suppose that if they do charge for it, it will be to recoup some of the money lost on free bumpers and people not buying iPhone 4s because of the signal problem.

Updates all over the place

Apple has launched two new iOS updates very recently. One is obviously for the iPhone to fix the signal strength indicator bug (NOT the aerial, that’s a hardware problem) and surprisingly, an update for the iPad. Everybody say a big welcome to iOS 3.2.1 (yes, that’s right, 3…2…1, (hopefully) iOS 4 launch?). This patch brings a fix to the wifi, bing is added to the search engine options and three other smaller bits (PDF fix, dock to VGA fix, video playback more reliable)

The next iPad

Rumours were popping up all over the internet yesterday about the second generation iPad. These rumours included:

  • OLED Screen
  • 5.6 inch and 7 inch screen
  • Better graphics than the xbox 360

These rumours sound good (the screen sizes rather pointless though). It could also possibly have an HD screen.

I hope that it is released at the usual time, so that customers don’t create a fuss about ‘I wanted this to be current for a year!’