Visionary Steve Jobs dies, aged 56

I switched on my computer monitor, which had on it. I wasn’t expecting anything apart from to see This Week in Radio Tech about to start (not that I watch that). The first thing I saw was Tom Merritt talking, which I wasn’t too surprised by as he had just been doing Triangulation. However, I then read the red banner at the bottom of the video feed:

“Steve Jobs 1955-2011. Apple confirms Steve Jobs’ Death”

I was completely taken aback. We all knew he was ill, but I for one didn’t expect him to die soon, especially this soon after stepping down. Yes, he had been seriously ill on several occasions, but he always (seemingly) recovered. He hadn’t been looking too well in recent keynotes, but had been his usual enthusiastic enigmatic self.  Nobody cared back then if a product was a repeat, as it was a joy to see someone so truly enthusiastic about a product. Everybody complained about the lack of anything large at yesterday’s keynote, but I expect the reaction would have been slightly different had Steve presented it. Anyway, this isn’t about Tim Cook’s presentation skills (or lack of, debatable), this is about Steve Jobs death.

It is fairly hard to argue that he “wasn’t a great man”. He was. Whether you’re a serious Apple fan or a serious Apple hater, you can hardly argue against his genuine enthusiasm and great visions. Not only did he make Apple what it was early on (with others, but his ‘guiding light’), but then worked Apple back up from almost the ground in 1997.

I can’t really think of much else to say right now, as I’m still ‘in shock’ over it. All I can say is, rest in peace. The world lost a great visionary today.


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