Steve Jobs steps down

Yes, I’ am rather late in ‘reporting’ on this, but I’ve been rather away from technology – not even a phone signal – for  a while.

Steve Jobs has stepped down from his position of CEO at Apple, leaving Tim Cook in-charge as CEO (stepping up from being Chief Operating Officer) at Apple.

Strangely,  while I was watching Windows Weekly  live in the car (as a passenger :P) on a long journey, they were discussing books about Apple and Steve Jobs. That got me thinking, how on earth would Apple cope without Steve? Last time he wasn’t at the helm, ‘not well’ was the answer. I have to say, I then thought further, and couldn’t imagine Apple without Steve, and didn’t think he would be stepping down any time soon.

Well, to my great surprise, the following morning I see in my ZDNet alert emails headlines about Steve Jobs stepping down. Definitely the end of an era.

So, I invite you to speculate in the comments, what IS Apple going to be like without Steve Jobs ‘running the show’? For starters, I don’t see how the keynotes could be as enigmatic or enthusiastic, but will the products follow the same path as before?

(that is of course, comment if you are one of the few people who ever read this :P)


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