My new computer’s name :P

Right, firstly, (to fill you in) I name the technology I own after characters in the Matrix (hey ,it’s one of the best films ever and most people DO name their technology after something, and normally the same something, a film, an area of science, animals, who knows :p). Here’s the list of used names so far:

  • Neo – My better HP ZV5000. It’s six years old and still has the shelf specs. Unfortunately, it’s also my primary computer, hence my constant PC woes.
  • Trinity – The slightly worse spec ZV5000. Currently resides in a cupboard, but if I had about £80 spare I would turn it into a decent server.
  • Morpheus – The late great Tiny (yes, that was the name of the company). It’s from 2001, but last year I swapped most of the internal parts for some newer ones. However, after two functioning months, the motherboard shorted (by itself). The (now empty) case currently resides on top of a bookcase:

(click on image to see more of the 'funeral')

  •  Link – The router, naturally 😛
  • Operator – My Touch Pro2
  • Tank – The Qtek 9100 (as someone once said it was a “tank of a phone” (it’s rather large))
As you can see, most of the good names have been taken. However, I will hopefully be getting  a new desktop PC soon, and it needs a name. I think it would be in rather poor taste to name it ‘Morpheus’ (as the PC called Morpheus is dead), so the next best names left are ‘Agent Smith’ or ‘Oracle’. Given my distaste for the Oracle Corporation, it looks like it will have to be called ‘Agent Smith’, but that is rather awkward to constantly type, and shortening it to ‘Smith’ just sounds plain :/ Maybe ‘Agent’ for short?

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