Google Movies and Google Music – breaking into Apple’s areas once again

Look Google, YOU DO SEARCH.
“Apple does a phone and they are successful. Let’s copy them!”
“Apple does a tablet. Let’s specifically alter the OS we tweaked for phones to run on tablets!”
“y’know what would really piss Apple off now? Let’s do movies! Wait, let’s not stop there, let’s do music as well!”

If I worked at Apple and this was my ‘area’, I would be VERY annoyed. So, Google, the company that does search, make use of the phone OS they bought years ago and make their own phones, as well as allowing other manufacturer’s to use the OS (playing on Apple’s weakness/strength of iOS being just on iDevices and vice-versa).
Then, they notice that there is now a market for tablets, so alter Android to run better on the countless cheap plastic tablets.
And now, to continue copying, they bring ‘Google Movies’ and ‘Google Music’ out. Hopefully Google Music will fail. It seems to have less backing than the Canonical music thing.
However, copying Apple, Netflix and others, Google now decide that people should be able to rent movies on their fAndroid devices and Google TV. Apple MADE the market for digitalized music, and did a LOT with films. It’s their ball park. Come on Google, you do search. Or at least you did… You seem to be ignoring it now and just getting scarily big. Reconsider your tagline.

Shame on you Sony, but I suppose you are making losses on the Ps3 front…
Universal, have you ever done anything good?
Warner Brothers, I thought you were better than this.

Seriously Apple, you’re amazing at making stuff, so make a really good search engine, just to piss Google off. They deserve to be retaliated against, especially if it comes from you. I mean, come on. YOU digitalized music. You deserve to respond.


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