White iPhone 4 seems imminent

After 10 months of the black iPhone 4, it looks like the white iPhone 4 is coming closer to existence. Given that we are all expecting the iPhone 5 (I’ve probably got the name wrong, maybe it’ll the the 4G or something…) announcement in June, just TWO months away, I’m guessing everyone had given up hope/forgotten about the white variant. There have been many people with different speculations as to why it’s delayed. We can all hope and wait, besides, Schiller tweeted: “…The white iPhone will be available this spring (and it is a beauty!)”. If you can’t wait, you can always have your black iPhone 4 turned white by iresq.com
It should be noted that Schiller said ‘iPhone’ and not ‘iPhone 4’

Also, Apple may be working on some projection thing, as they have filed for patents.


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