Apple iPad 2 leaks – looking rather fake

We will probably never get any Apple leaks as early and legitimate as the iPhone 4 fiasco, and this alleged leak doesn’t look like coming even close. With the iPad 2 announcement (presumably) just round the corner, people are less likely to brush away this claim, but these grainy photos don’t look like the typical Apple design style. Admittedly, the iPhone 4 looked rather odd and awkward when we all saw the photos, but this just looks messy. The grill on the back? Not really Apple’s style. Nor is an SD card slot. The ability to increase your storage space for A LOT less then the hundreds of dollars you would have to pay Apple? Hardly likely. Apple only recently changed their larger products to ‘accept’ third party hardware parts like RAM, so Apple giving up their grasp on portable device storage? Unlikely. I guess Apple could put some sort of lock on how an SD card could function in it, but presumably a jailbreak feature would be released to fully utilise (in the near future) a 2TB SDXC card as functioning storage, and Apple really wouldn’t want that happening.

Want to see the leaked images? Click here!


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