Apple updates leap out of nowhere

As you probably know, Steve Jobs took a medical leave of absence and is still away (and apparently getting worse). Normally for these recent updates we would expect some news, a brief keynote at most, that could have coincided with the imminent iPad 2 launch.  Anyway, Apple has launched their new generation of MacBook Pros! They sound pretty cool, and from what I could see, same base price (couldn’t get further dues to the iconic updating).


So, can’t wait for them and hopefully I will buy one this year to release me from the clutches of a five year old HP laptop. Don’t worry, I would still run Windows under bootcamp, as I can’t live without it. Also announced (allegedly) is that there is no more Mac OS Server Edition! That’s right, it’ll be part of Mac OS Lion, thus completely killing the small gap that so many compared to Microsoft’s many versions/tiers of Windows.


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