Google gives Apple the finger – again

Apple was near to ruling the smartphone market. Then Google announce that they plan on launching a phone. Apple – hardware. Google – web search, platforms for others to use/build on. How could this new phone possibly fit Google’s markets? Well it did. People wanted to buy the ‘Google phone’ just as much as one would want to buy a signed Google t-shirt. A lot. As everyone knows, Apple was rather ‘annoyed’ by this, eventually suing HTC for rather petty, but nonetheless existent, patents. Then, a few years down the line, Apple releases the first big tablet. And wouldn’t you beleive it?! Suddenly, as if by magic, hundreds of other companies suddenly decide that there’s a market for tablets. Couldn’t they just give Apple credit when due? No. And what easier OS to put on a tablet? Google’s Android. But it looks like a phone OS, because it is. Guess what Google just announced! A tablet-specific version of Android, called ‘Honeycomb’.


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