HP Hell?

My 'setup', with the pathetic laptop centre.

As I probably mentioned many, many posts ago, I have a rather old HP ZV5000 laptop as my one and only laptop (and only computer). It has very low specifications, ruins iTunes and iPods (later post in about a week) and is massive. I have had many rather crucial problems with it, such as 512MB of RAM stopping the laptop switching on (fixed it at last), the power socket failing to charge it properly (fixed, laptop and cable have to stay stationary at all times), the battery dies in less than five minutes (I know this is an old laptop, but it really should hold a charge for longer than that) and my latest problem; the screen. when I was closing the lid two days ago, in a slow, sensible manner, I heard about 5 plastic-like clicks. My initial thought was oh no. I open the lid, and it is even less stiff than usual. I shut the lid halfway, and the left side of it drags the whole screen shut. I assessed the problem to be a broken hinge, which is not helpful, productive, or makes the laptop worth anymore should I need to sell it. This is not the first problem I have had with HP, and to be honest, I am getting rather fed up with their shoddy manufacturing. Offhand I can not think of any other computer manufacturer that made quite such poorly assembled products, however, this laptop is about 6 years old, and I have no newer HP products. Come to that, I have no ‘big’ technology made after 2006 apart from my iPod. All this said, I do have an HP printer that is surpisingly very good with just ‘plug and play’ so long as you don’t want the 2 hours worth of installing HP’s imaging software and can go without knowing your ink levels, and the printer still works completely.

To be honest, I really haven’t a clue what current day computing is like, as the fastest machine I have ever used has 2GB of RAM (not mine). For all I know, maybe there are computers out there that are so fast they don’t show the Windows 7 shut down message stating ‘Do you want to shut down. There is still a process running’, this process being the Windows logoff music being played!

Seriously, it's huge!

(The title as it is a play on Jeff Jarvis’ ‘Dell Hell’, which was admittedly a lot bigger than this in a few ways. The question mark denotes an uncertainty, as this isn’t a current product. Who knows, maybe they’ve changed!)

Size comparison. Left to right: tiny memory stick (size of USB plug), iPod Touch (third generation), Alcatel OT-708 (cheap backup phone), Qtek 9100 (main smartphone, it's huge and from 2006). Underneath is the massive laptop.


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