Windows Phone 7 launched

The Dell Venue Pro

It was only a matter of time until Microsoft actually launched Windows Phone 7, but we were all hoping that day would never come. Or were we? Maybe we were all hoping it would come as soon as possible so that we could wave bye bye to Microsoft at long last. Anyway, hopeful end of MS in a later post, onto Windows Phone 7 now. Microsoft has announced 6 phones that will run it, half being HTC devices. They are; the HTC 7 Mozart, the HTC Trophy and the HTC HD7. Other manufacturers have bravely put together the Samsung Omnia 7, the LG Optimus 7 and the Dell Venue Pro. Am I right in saying that we haven’t seen anything pocket based by Dell since the Axim x51v? (we’ll ignore the Streak, that can count as ‘the one mistake they get to get away with’). Also ‘odd’ that 4/6 of these devices have a ‘7’ in their names. How imaginative. All these devices have one feature that puts them above the rest, in the typical way of ‘you want both these features? Tough, you should have got an iPhone, then you get all the features in one model!’ fancy screens, media streaming and a physical keyboard. Sounds good, but Dell’s keyboard (pictured) seems rather awkward and Palm-Pre-esque. I have always seen Phone-OSes in this way: iOS – for people who need to get simple tasks done fast, Android – for people who want to look cool and get nothing done, Blackberry’s OS – for people who think they like emails and Windows Mobile – For people who want(ed) business related things done quickly, with a ridiculously customizable interface. Does the average ‘suit’ need to check twitter and their xbox live account on the go? No, because they don’t use either. Do they need huge phones with fancy visuals? No. They want to hold conference calls, check their calendar with a simple layout and maybe check their emails, no fancy stuff. This means that ‘the suits’ will move from their beloved PPCs and HTC devices to iPhones, because they may have the features they don’t want, but they aren’t compulsory.



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