RIM announces a tablet. A serious tablet.

RIM (Research In Motion) has just unveiled their tablet. Firstly, Will it be an iPad killer? No, let’s hope not, but it will come a good sight closer than the WeWhateveritscallednow of the JooJoo tablet. RIM’s new device is called the PlayBook. I sense that will have more jokes about it than the iPad, but on their own head be it. Does it run Android? No! Of course not. It runs an OS by QNX (that RIM owns, kind of like Apple and the A4 chip) and called (imaginitively) BlackBerry Tablet OS. The specifications are better than the iPad’s, but that is too be expected. A dual core processor in a tablet and 1GB of RAM? Now we’re getting serious! Overall, I think it’s pretty awesome, and will probably turn out to be a very front-of-the-market contender against the iPad.


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