iPad ‘killers’

How do you hold it?

When I see on websites, they talk about upcoming products like the JooJoo tablet and the WeTab. Almost all of these sites say that they are ‘iPad’ killers. No, they are not. Apple produces premium products. Sure, they’re ‘locked down’, but people buy them because they don’t care. If someone is going to release a tablet with flash, then good for them, but it isn’t going to kill the iPad. The iPad is big and metal. These rival tablets are plastic, cheap and flimsy. The second the iPad came out, people said ‘how do you hold it?’. In the keynote, Steve Jobs rested it in his lap. You can’t hold it with two hands, as then you can’t control it, so you have to be sitting down. When the iPad was released, Digg’s Kevin Rose suggested that someone make a hand grip that sticks to the back of the iPad. That is an excellent idea, as people don’t want to freely hold it up, as dropping at least £429 on the floor doesn’t look to cool.


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