Oh dear Digg

Oh dear. As many people know, after Digg updated to V4.0 the iPhone/iPod Touch app stopped working. For starters, this is not doing their app ratings any good, and many users are jumping ship into either the sea or the reddit boat. The Digg interface in Safari is pretty poor, but people weren’t meant to use that as they could use the app. @Digg hasn’t tweeted for two days, but I can only hope that that means they are working on an update for the app and making the site work flawlessly. I can only hope to see an app update soon.

Update: @Digg just tweeted for the first time in two days:
“hey all – our iPhone and Android apps are currently unavailable due to known issues with our API. pls use m.digg.com for the time being.”

By unavailable, they would seem to mean pulled, as I can’t find the digg app on the AppStore anymore.

Is the rest of the world dead? No, but Digg will be if they don’t fix everything soon. They are losing users quickly 😦


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