After: Apple September 2010 Event

As usual, Apple held it’s September music centered event and launched several fantastic updates. iPods, iTunes and even the long awaited Apple TV update.


Fourth Generation iPod Touch:
The rumors had been flying about before the event, mainly about the camera, and almost every rumor came true! The new iPod Touch has now been brought another step closer to the iPhone. It features:
Two cameras. One on the front for Face Time and one on the back for photos and HD video recording (so I presume it’s 5MP).
Retina Display. The fantastic crispness of the iPhone 4’s screen has been integrated into the new iPod Touch.
The A4 processor. The iPod Touch now has the same Apple-made processor as the iPad and the iPhone 4. I presume this also means that it has 512MB of RAM.

Sixth Generation iPod Nano:
A massive change (as usual) to the overall design of the Nano. The first two generation Nano’s were sticks, the third gen Nano was the awesome rectangular mini iPod classic style (you can probably tell it was my favourite!) then followed by two generations of the newer design, and now, basically a square. It does look cool, but rather impractical. For starters, how do you use it? Well, it’s got a multi touch screen, yet you can hardly get two fingers on it. Where’s the camera? The old one had a video camera, so where is it in this. Well, as far as I have heard, there isn’t one. Mainly because the new nano, is, well… nano, and it’s got a massive clip on the back of it. It’s not massive if you look at it, as it’s a normal size clip, but it’s as big as the nano itself in comparison.

Fourth generation iPod Shuffle:

I’ve never really been a fan of the shuffle, or even the shuffle feature in music players. Sure, it reintroduces you to tunes you liked but forgot about, but if I want to listen to a specific tune or podcast, I can’t. And for the money you pay, you could get a relatively good MP3 player with what is loosely referred to as a ‘screen’ (the worst PPI scrolling display you have ever seen). But that’s what you get when you buy Apple products. Apple products aren’t perfect, but nothing is, and they’re massively better than any alternative. Sure, the firmware on my iPod messes up sometimes and I need to sync to fix a very inconvenient problem, but on the whole, it works flawlessly. I’ll be honest with you, I was staring at a picture of the new shuffle thinking ‘what in earth am I meant to write about this, it’s the same!’, but then I looked at the MacTracker app and remembered. I was thinking it was the same as the shuffle it think of as THE iPod shuffle is the second generation one (That would be why I was so confused). So, the new iPod shuffle is basically a reincarnation of the second generation one but with the empty space that didn’t have buttons now removed. Now it’s tiny and useable, but if you want a small, actually useable iPod, then go buy a third generation nano, as 8GB of storage, a screen, a clickwheel and a real iPod look is hard to say no to when your other choice is an awkward touch screen or a square so small you can’t press the buttons. Smaller is generally better with technology, but there is generally a point where it gets ridiculous.

I’m pretty sure news websites said that all the iPod’s would be updated. Did they update the classic a tiny bit or did they drop it? I hope they didn’t drop it, as 160GB of storage in your pocket kind of goes unrivaled. I mean, come on, my laptop only has a 40GB hard drive, and my PC’s main hard drive is only 80GB (I have an external desktop drive though) so 160GB is pretty amazing. Sure the screen is small, but it’s worth it.

Other Apple products:

iTunes 10!
That’s right, ten! Sure, there was a huge iTunes update with movies and TV show a while ago, and updates after that seemed more like bug fixes with an extra button and making it impossible to sync an iOS device if it’s firmware is too new for your version of iTunes, but this time Apple has added a social network. And no, not Twitter integration, but their own social network! It’s called Ping, and it’s a social network for (duh) music. All in all, iTunes 10 is a really cool way to slow down your PC and hardly be able to use any of it, but if you have a Mac, then you can use every aspect of iTunes 10 at a fast speed.

Apple TV

Thankfully, not renamed to iTV (because of the UK broadcaster and that iTV kind of sucks as a name for it). Apple TV has been changed kind of in the way the Nano has. In other words, it has been made smaller and a key feature has been removed. It is now tiny. And there’s no storage. If you had a slow Internet connection at home and downloaded all your stuff with an iPod Touch/iPhone somewhere else, then synced it to your PC and then put it on your Apple TV to watch, now you can’t. The new Apple TV is focussed on streaming. Ie, you rent stuff. I heard somewhere (GPRS on a phone is no way to hunt down stuff you thought you heard!) that renting a TV episode would be 99 cents, which will hopefully mean 59p (that’s how the app store currency conversion worked) in the UK. For $99 you can’t argue that it’s awesome, but $99 for the Americans should mean about £59 in England, but like almost all Apple hardware it will probably be closer to ninety nine than fifty nine. Still, pretty cheap for what you get.

Some of the facts may be wrong in the above post as at the time of writing I only had a GPRS connection on a not very good for browsing the web phone. Also, some of the opinions on the products may look unfinished, that’s because I needed a bit of info to continue, and either found it and continued or couldn’t find it and forgot I needed it.

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