Before: Apple September 2010 Event

Tomorrow, Apple will be having the usual September iPod update announcement. Most people are focused on the next generation of iPod Touch. The latest mini-rumor is that it will have more than 64GB of storage. Now, that would be ridiculous, but I (as you probably know) have the 64GB third generation model, and 64GB really isn’t enough. I ‘only’ have 5GB left. Now, that may seem like a lot, and in Windows Mobile or Windows itself terms, yes, that is a lot. But in Apple terms, that is not very much. For example, that’s just short of a whole season of Friends, or about 5 normal length films or 15 really good apps based on real games. In Windows terms, that’s nearly XP installed (off hand, it’s either 4 or 6 GB) or 6/7 films. Anyway, if they make the storage space in the iPod Touch bigger, surely they would have to increase the hard drive space for the iPod Classic. Isn’t flash memory really expensive? So if they do increase it, could we see a huge price rise, however that would then mean Apple wouldn’t loose so much money if they added 3G to the top model. To sum up, I can’t wait to get the keynote podcast, and I’ll probably be constantly refreshing a news website for comedic status updates on what’s being announced.

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