Next generation of iPod Touch hopes.

In the next generation of iPod Touch, I would like to see:
•Storage space as large as possible (some people hoping for iPod Classic rivaling sizes are probably dreaming way too high, as the Classic uses a hard drive, and if you put one in an iPod Touch, you would be rather ruining it’s thin metal look (if they keep the current design)
•3G. I shall elaborate further in a later post.
•Retina display. Let’s face it, it’s awesome. I honestly can’t see the pixels!
•a camera. People have been begging for a camera for ages, and now that the iPhone 4 has two, at least one is more of a possibility than before, and hopefully with the same amount of mega pixels, and not a feeble original iPhone camera.
•gyroscope. Not many app developers have used the opportunity of complete motion sensing to their apps, and if Apple added the gyroscope to another of their portable products, app developers may get a move on.
•’basically an iPhone, without the phone’. A phrase used by many critics, and they were wrong. It wasn’t missing just the phone, but I want it to actually be an iPhone, just without the phone.

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