I went to Camp Bestival a few weekends ago (laugh it up now) and tested how good the iPod Touch/iPhone is in a real life situation. I took my third generation 64GB iPod Touch with me and it was rather hopeless. I originally intended on taking it so that I could listen to some old podcasts during the nights, but there was an official Camp Bestival app, so it was used mainly for that. The app cost £2.99, which is rather a large price considering that all it was was a wirse version of the website, but offline. The background colours of the app (a hill and the sky) did not go well against the titles of the ‘acts’, which were purple. It was even worse, as in an attempt to conserve the battery life, the backlight was turned down, so it was rather hard to see anything. The battery was fully charged when we left for the festival, but drained very quickly. During the Friday, the battery went down to about 55% (just from using the app) and then at the end of Saturday it had gone down to about 25%, and as you probably know, it switches itself off when it gets to 10% and doesn’t turn on again until you plug it in to charge. In another attempt to save the battery life until the end of Sunday, the iPod was turned off (or as Apple calls it, a ‘soft reset’) until we needed to quickly check some timings. Somehow, the iPod limped through Sunday and made it out barely alive at the end. If I had an iPhone 4, I would have filmed some of the acts to see how good the camera is (especially with the quick, bright flashing lights), but instead I filmed it with a budget video camera, and I will somehow be posting the video soon.

(the past tense may be a bit muddled above as I wrote it just after, but couldn’t post it until now)


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