Just as I turned my back…

You may have noticed the lack of posts over the last two weeks. I should be getting back into the flow of things after this ‘break’, but I couldn’t have chosen a worse time to have a break. The second I look away from Apple related news (which was just all about the ‘death grip’), Apple releases some brand new products and renews some old. The new products being:

A massive trackpad. Exactly what it says. I fear this may be a step in the wrong direction for Apple, but the public killed the iPhone 4, so maybe Apple wants to kill the mouse to retaliate. When I am controlling the cursor on any computer, I will always choose a mouse (if it’s a laptop, only so long as I have one with me). Trackpads are useful for precisely pointing the cursor but they are very awkward and slow to maneuver. If I want to move the cursor from the bottom right to the top left, a mouse would get me there with a quick push of the mouse. With a trackpad, you would push your finger across the surface of the pad, lift it up and push your finger slowly across the pad another five times. Anyway, if you want to play a FPS computer game, you would use a mouse, not a trackpad (unless the mission objective is to fail miserably).

A battery charger. Is this special? Well, what’s in the box? A wall socket charger, six rechargeable AA batteries and printed documentation. At least it has the usual shiny white plastic Apple style, but £25 is a lot to spend on a battery charger. Anyway, why is Apple making it? What products do they have that require batteries? Well, ‘two are for your keyboard, two for your mouse or trackpad, and two for charging.’. So now Apple is making the Apple user no longer buy batteries from third party companies, but from them instead. And yet again, Apple is saving the environment. Apple has also updated their some of their Mac range, which I will cover in a later post.


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