Covent Garden Apple Store

The largest Apple shop in the world is about to open today at 10AM. The building is unlike the others, as opposed to the usual all modern building, this one is taking a more traditional yet stylish approach. For example, a lot is brick and wood, but there is the typical glass staircase (this time two, one round, one square) and a room with a huge glass ceiling (the iPad room, which is so large you could fit the fifth avenue New York store into it). This massive shop isn’t just a shop, as their is also a community room for group learning and Pro Labs for free professional level training. Also, this store’s genius bar is the largest ever. And of course, they have more iPads and iPhone 4s than any other store. To wrap up (my poorly formulated sentences in) this post, this is the 300th real Apple store to be opened, and will most likely to make the Regent Street Apple store’s £60 million ‘takings’ look very insignificant.
Edit: Forgot to mention, they will also be selling store branded (ie covent garden arch logo) cases for the iPhone and MacBook.


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