Apple finally caves to public outrage.

Now, you can understand people being rather angry at having to pay £25/$30 for what is basically a rubber band with holes in it, but it’s an Apple product, so you pay the price, and hey, you just spent at least £499 (the most you’ve spent on a phone till next year), so £25 isn’t much extra to pay to get to hold the phone and use it at the same time. However, Apple has eventually caved in to the public’s outrage and said in their emergency conference yesterday that the iPhone 4 bumpers will now be free, but that the media has been picking on the iPhone 4 too much, as other phones have similar problems, but they haven’t been getting any bad press (maybe because they aren’t as popular as the iPhone?). Overall Apple, you did the right thing. (and yes, I was up at 1AM, it’s called ‘devotion to duty’


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