New iPod touch soon?

Now, this news, understandably, rather annoys me. £300 for an iPod Touch isn’t to much, but having to pay that much (if not more) each year is ridiculous. When Apple released the 64GB version last year, I knew I had to have it as 8GB (more like 7) was tiny and the new one would be 50% faster. I have been pleased with it, and it hasn’t broken (however, as I said in the chip on iPod touch screen post, it developed a chip in the screen in exactly the same place as on the 8GB one soon after I got it). Apparently, a John Lewis person has announced what they believe will be in the fourth generation iPod Touch. These features include:

The main new add-ons will be an improved 5-megapixel camera with a flash, that can shoot HD video, the adoption of the same sort of acceleratometer and gyroscope found in the iPhone 4, and FaceTime calling over Wi-Fi.

He also believes that Apple will very much target the new iPod as a multimedia device for kids and teenagers.

His entire predictions are as follows (as per the presentation):

– Likely to be sold as a multimedia device targeted at youth / kids

– Improved 5-megapixel camera so can shoot HD video / upload to YouTube. And flash so it can take photos in the dark

– Social networking

– Acceleratometer and gyroscope, significant in developing the gaming credentials of the product

– FaceTime calling over Wi-Fi, so can communicate with friends for zero cost

As you can probably understand, this news rather annoys me. A camera, face time and a gyroscope? Just what I actually always wanted on an iPod Touch. What I would like to see as well is a built in vibration thing like on the iPhone so that racing games can be like they are on a real console.


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