iTunes. Again.

I just went out to buy an iTunes gift card (my way of controlled spending on the iTunes store) so that I could buy the first season of a TV show I liked the look of. A little while back, I bought the first episode of the show and watched it. It seemed like a good comedy, and seems to be popular (it’s 30 Rock by the way). This ‘taster’ only cost me £1.89, which is a relatively cheap price to pay to watch an episode of a show that you might get interested in, instead of waiting for it to come round on the TV again in 5 years time or buy the whole season on DVD. Also, buying it on DVD would cost me £15 in HMV, or £7.99 (ish) on Amazon. It is only £9.99 on iTunes, and it is much more convenient on iTunes to watch it, as it can be in my pocket and watchable at any time, as opposed to only watchable when I’m near a television. Yes, it will take time to download, but it’s easier and on the whole, cheaper.


3 comments on “iTunes. Again.

    • It is seemingly purposefully slow on Windows, but on a Mac it is fast and powerful. If you use iTunes on a Mac, you will see how amazingly powerful, and with several hundred GB of hard drive space, 100MB isn’t much to worry about.

  1. A DVD is more convenient:

    * You can easily dump DVDs, and then keep the resulting file forever. Nobody can take that file away from you.
    * You can put it on whichever device you like, including ones in the future.
    * You can make an infinite number of backups, and reencode it as needed if you need a smaller file for whatever reason.
    * You don’t have to download it
    * You don’t have to use proprietary software to play it.

    Yes, I know DVDs are proprietary and encrypted, but the encryption has been blown so wide open that they may as well be free nowadays 😛

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