Facebook for iOS 4

Now, as much as I hate Facebook, this is clearly massive news (well, the lack of Facebook multitasking at the launch of iOS 4 was big news, so I guess this is too). I just checked my app updates or ‘appdates’ as I call them, and saw a facebook appdate. I read the description and installed it, hoping to test out the new multitasking. It seems to work well, and the loading of pictures seems to be faster, but maybe that’s just my iPod being funny. It is rather hard to prove multitasking is there, as before iOS 4, the official Twitter app saved the last ‘state’ of the app before it was closed so when you reopened it, it was where you left it. As far as I can see though, the new facebook update multitasks, and this is allegedly VERY BIG NEWS.


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