iPhone 4 Released

The iPhone 4 is hereAs we all know, iPhone 4 has been released. As one would expect, there have already been complaints and problems, the main one being if you hold the bottom left corner of it, you lose signal. So much for the ground-breaking new aerial(s). Anyway, it’s been released, and most people like it. Now we play the waiting game till september for the possible announcement of a fourth generation iPod Touch and next June for iPhone 5 (probably).


3 comments on “iPhone 4 Released

  1. iPhone 4 has a horrible bug where your connection keeps getting dropped and your signal strength gets lost, if you hold it with your left hand! WHAT!?

  2. Because they put the aerials on the OUTSIDE (in a cheap cost-cutting measure presumably), with only a few mm insulation between each aerial (2G, 3G, wifi, bluetooth) and no insulation along the aerial itself – so touching the gap bridges the gap between two of them, and causes the resulting aerial to be the wrong size for the wavelength, so it is less efficient.

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