iOS 4 Verdict

I am unable to blame Apple for the failures, as it could just be my iPod that fails, but probably not.

N.B. This is a verdict of iOS 4 running on a third generation 64GB iPod Touch with 3rd party content (apps, music, videos, podcasts etc.)

Here are the faults:

  1. Screenshots. When I am in an app and take a screenshot, the app is closed, it takes me back to the home screen, and puts the iPod in standby mode. Not meant to happen.
  2. Multitasking. A nice idea, but not much use if only 2 out of many of the developers for apps on my iPod bother to update their apps to work. A few more are trickling in, but I highly doubt I will see all my apps updated for iOS 4
  3. Podcasts. When I updated, I left about 300 podcasts on it (audio ones). After updtating, all my music is there, my apps etc. but not my podcasts. When I go to the iTunes store on it and select a podcast to download, it downloads (and then will not let me download it again) and doesn’t display in the music app. I have downloaded 3 different podcasts, and none of them show. To make it even worse, the music app now crashes after 5 seconds, so my iPod now cannot perform it’s primary function TO LISTEN TO MUSIC. I have done soft and hard resets (Apple’s terms, their idea of a soft reset is to ‘turn it off’? and hard is to reboot it. Not the same meanings as Palm or Sony, or anyone else for that matter)

As far as I have seen after a day’s worth of testing and real life scenarios, those are the only major faults. I may have forgotten some, so please remind me if I have.


All my synced photos (not ‘Saved Photos’) are blurry.


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