iPad 3G evilness?

This probably isn’t Apple’s fault, so I am not getting at them, just the few carriers (possibly). From what the information on Apple’s website seems to convey for the 3G data plans, there are some evil restrictions. Only little old Three seems to be the only completely nice carrier (or is it?). Here’s the roundup:

3: 1GB/month Unrestricted    10GB/month Unrestricted

O2: 500MB/day Restricted 1GB/month Restricted 3GB/month Restricted

Orange: 200MB/day unrestricted    1GB/week  unrestricted   3GB/month Restricted 10GB/month Restricted

Vodafone: 1GB/month Restricted    3GB/month Restricted   5GB/month Restricted

Now, I may have misinterpreted what Apple said with the footnote of  ‘1. Includes Wi-Fi browsing, refer to carrier website for terms and conditions’, as when I visited the Orange website, the plans that had a ‘1’ by them were for BT Openzone WiFi, and not necessarily your own WiFi. I hope that I am mistaken, but with Three’s 10GB/month for only £15 (no WiFi), that seems like a pretty good offer. I apologise tot the other carriers if I am wrong and it is BTOpenzone, and if that is the only restricted WiFi, then you should tell Apple to make it clearer

http://store.apple.com/uk/configure/MC497B/A?mco=MTc3NzU1NzA (click ‘View and Compare 3G data plans’)

Please comment on how you would interpret it from just what Apple say and what Apple and the carriers say combined.


One comment on “iPad 3G evilness?

  1. Wow, Apple’s site is really ambiguous. If it includes private WiFi browsing, how is that in any way legal? And Apple should be shot for going along with their plans, if this is the case.

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