iPhone 4 on pay as you like in the UK?

On the pre-order page for the iPhone 4, if you click the model you want, it then takes you to the usual apple shopping basket where you can buy accessories for it. Just one difference, it lets you buy the iPhone right there on their website from them, unlocked. This of course means that you don’t have to get ripped-off by a carrier buying it as pay as you go from them. This is great news for the UK, but as usual, we are getting ripped-off by Apple’s ridiculous price ‘conversions’. Pity about that bit, but otherwise great.



2 comments on “iPhone 4 on pay as you like in the UK?

  1. It is not a problem with their price conversions, they just make you pay loads of money for something you can already get for much cheaper, like an HTC phone.

    • But you pay for QUALITY! With Apple, there is only one phone. You don’t have to shop around for the one that suits you, you just have to pick your colour, optional bumper and storage space and you’re instantly in line with everyone else, and you have the most compatible phone on the planet (my opinion, probably not a fact)

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