Looks like face time will be condemed to stay WiFi only.

Apparently, we use to much data in unlimited plans for mobile phones, so the short of it is, O2 is cutting theirs amongst others. The carriers don’t quite seem to get it, when you say ‘unlimited’, that means UNLIMITED! For the carriers who are so thick they didn’t get that, let’s break the word down. Limited; to have a limit on something. Un; the opposite of the following word that is now part of the word. Therefore, un-limited basically means without limits, so when they offer unlimited data, they should have thought that maybe by offering the user what they want for once, they might actually use the opportunity to use it. So back to the main point, if face time ever goes 3G, it will cost the user a massive amount as a YouTube video costs a lot to watch on your iPhone (it didn’t used to as it was unlimited data usage) think how much a forty minute video call would cost!


UPDATE: FaceTime is only on WiFi, unless you jailbreak your phone.


2 comments on “Looks like face time will be condemed to stay WiFi only.

  1. Why use something ridiculous like Face Time when phones support 3G video calls natively anyway, not via the internet? Albeit expensively…

    I have an unlimited data plan bolted onto pay and go that doesn’t include audio or video streaming – but I still do it occasionally and they don’t seem to notice. O2 are good like that.

    • The iPhone only let’s you video call with face time, and At&T aren’t exactly ‘happy campers’ with their network being overloaded with iPhone users stretching the term ‘unlimited’ as far as they can.

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