iPhone 4

The fourth generation iPhone. It really does change everything again...

Not the iPhone 4G etc. and it doesn’t run iPhone OS 4! It runs iOS 4, as the iPod Touch and now the iPad run it, so Apple decided it would be sensible to rename it. The iPhone 4 has some amazing new features, making this the best iPhone update yet:

  • A 5 mega pixel camera with an LED flash
  • iMovie editing for your recently filmed on the iPhone HD video editing
  • A complete casing redesign, now has a glass front and back
  • Retina display (very high pixel density = very crisp screen, human eye can’t actually see the pixels!)
  • and finally, there is a camera on the front for iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 video calls (only with WiFi, so not much use for mobile-ness)

These are the major hardware changes (not software, apart from iMovie) as I will be writing a post about iPhone OS 4’s final list of new things.


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