What on earth is an iTouch???

I really hate it when people call iPod Touch an ‘iTouch’. Apple gave it a name, iPod Touch (strangely no ‘the’ prefix). Apple calls it an iPod Touch, and will continue (hopefuly) to call it an iPod Touch. If someone called your expensive MacBook Pro a MacBook, you would probably be rather annoyed. Say for example you were called David, and people called you Dv? You wouldn’t like it. It’s not like it’s hard to add a ‘Pod’ to what you say!


3 comments on “What on earth is an iTouch???

  1. iTouch, iTouch, iTouch…

    (couldn’t resist, ’cause it’s just what everyone says — though iTouch is clearly a trademarked name for different products in different parts of the world.)

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