Apple sues HTC

UPDATE: Here is a list of all the patents infringed:

I am with Apple on this one. HTC isn’t really to blame here, it’s Google’s fault, but that serves HTC for trusting an external company. Yay Apple!, they make the hardware and the software/firmware and it all works great. Slide to unlock? It is such a copy! As Steve Jobs said, competition is good, but Apple puts a lot of work into their research, so other company’s shouldn’t just steal their ideas.

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One comment on “Apple sues HTC

  1. Right – so patents that are either hopelessly vague or should have been invalid (or both), and are only even LEGAL in insane countries (eg the US – where over 40% of people believe the Earth is less than 10000 years old and humans walked with dinosaurs) are now the best thing ever and should be respected?

    You should check your facts on some of these – Apple invented virtually none of these; and in any case, the few they DID invent they patented AFTER they’d already used by other companies (HTC inclusive), which makes them invalid by any sane law.

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