At last, the iPad

Right, the iPad isn’t actually that good from what apple showed a while back, but since it isn’t being released for sale till march, they may improve it from what people have said about it. One thing people seem to be confused about is want actually is the iPad? Well, it is sort of a mini tablet mac, which, if you think about it, the iPod touch is a micro mac tablet in a way, so this is really just an oversized iPod touch with some new features. One of the features is 3G. The WiFi+3G model is not available until April, and will obviously cost more than the just WiFi model. The relieving feature is that you can still use iPod touch and iPhone apps on it, it just has a rather silly looking zoom function, so when you start an iPhone app on it, it’s iPhone screen size, but a tap of the corner of the screen will make it fill the whole screen. The good things on the app front are: 1.Apps are going to be made specifically for the iPad (already 12), which could mean better looking games (in the advert, that driving game didn’t look like Firemint’s RealRacing). and 2. A version of iWork is going to be available to buy (I think it’s a purchasable extra) so you can have a proper office suite instead of some rip-off third party junk for the iPhone that doesn’t work. The iPad will also be an ereader, with there own software and book store (some nice ‘library’ graphics with this). What many people think is that the iPad will be impractical. It would seem at the moment that these people may be right, as obviously, it isn’t a phone, the 3G bit is just for web browsing on the go (some one-off payment plans rumoured). Face it, you would look very silly listening to music on a massive iPad in public, but watching videos would seem fine on it, with the large screen. The iPad would seem then to be just a mac book, but it runs seems to run a slightly modified iPhone OS, not Mac OS X as you would hope. In conclusion, the iPad as an idea had a lot of potential, but Apple seems to have rushed and released a half-finished mess. Really Apple, how could you go wrong with a tablet? Why not take a mac book and replace the screen with a touch one and stick it on the back.

Top: One of the many public concepts
Bottom: The real iPad, a dissapointment?


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