iPod Earphones

My iPod earphones are without a doubt the most comfortable earphones I have ever worn (one ‘wears’ earphones?) and the sound quality is amazing. One major setback, and I’m sure all iPod owners would agree with me here: they get massively tangled up. They somehow manage to make a huge mess of themselves. Recently, I have seen people wrap their earphones around their iPods. I thought, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ and then remembered that I had, and that there where drawbacks. A) Your earphone cables twist and stay curved when unravelled and in use, and B) It’s impractical. When you want to see what the time is, you whip your iPod out of your pocket and painfully contort your hand to press one of the two buttons to see. Oh wait, you can’t, as rather untidily there’s a White cable wrapped around the screen (or with click wheel iPods, the clickwheel and/or screen). I’m sure Apple didn’t want it to be this way, as they’re all for design, incompatability and impractical products.


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