Where to start… iTunes is an online ‘shop’ where you can buy: music, films, tv shows and seasons, music videos, audiobooks and programs (‘Apps’). Their catalogue is amazing, and although it seems like things cost a lot, the new things don’t. On many occasions have I found music and films at much cheaper prices to download from iTunes than getting the CD or DVD in a shop. Unfortunately, this is very, very rarely the case for television shows, and some television shows on iTunes cost loads eg. Any season of Friends: £10 each, Season … of Chuck: £. Unfortunately, with old films on iTunes, if you look at the customer reviews for them, most people will be rating the film one star because of the price (being way too high). That is not the films fault, and it isn’t entirely Apple’s fault. As was explained to me, the old films price is high, as they won’t sell as many ‘copies’, unlike the newer films, so to make sure that they get some return, the price is higher. I’m not sure who decides the price though (Apple or the film company?). The downside is that the downloads will take a while, eg for a film on a poor BT connection, it took FIVE hours! On a quick connection, it took 45 minutes at the most! With a DVD, all you have to do is go to the shop, buy it then watch it, but there is a downside to DVD viewing as well. As far as I know, it is illegal to rip DVDs, and only some new, awful films have these dodgy sounding ‘Digital Copies’, so you buy the DVD and a ‘Digital Copy’, or a DVD, a Blu-Ray disc and a ‘Digital Copy’. I don’t think I have seen any film in shops that has these that is worth watching, so I haven’t tried it to see how it works. The other problem with downloading is space. My computer (an ancient ‘Tiny’ (most ironic name I’ve ever heard for a computer, the original ‘Tiny’ monitor that came with it was about 30cm deep)) has about 500mb of RAM and about a 60gb hard drive (with an 8gb ‘D’ drive, when I first got it, it had windows XP on it twice?!?) My hard drive is now full. I knew that a lot of it was taken up with iTunes items, but I checked to see how much was iTunes stuff; 40GB!!!!! 2/3 of my hard drive was taken up by a few television episodes, less than 10 movies and lots of music (only 3GB worth though). I am now trying to get an external hard drive, but that won’t solve the problem with the RAM. In the days when this computer was new, 500MB was huge! Nowadays, you couldn’t even run Vista with that (we have an acer laptop with vista and 1GB of RAM, and that’s slower than the tiny! On the tiny, iTunes always freezes. When I open iTunes and click on ‘Applications’ for example, it will freeze. When I sync my iPod, it freezes, when I’m making a purchase, it freezes. When I open another program, it freezes and even when I leave the iTunes window open and come back 15 minutes later, it will have frozen (even without a screensaver). I have tried everything that I can do, which is as far as ‘killing’ a few unneeded processes, but that’s all. I seriously need a new computer, and I have currently got my eye on the Samsung R720 laptop, as it’s specifications are great, and it’s got a big screen, but at £599, it’s a ‘little’ out of my budget (£50, which I’m saving for an even worse thatn the tiny, an HP Pavillion ZV5000 (it cost loads back in the day, but it is nowadays a cheap ugly lump of plastic)) When I went into the stormfront shop and had a go on the new huge screen iMac, I clicked ‘iTunes’ and it opened instantly. Coincidence? I don’t think so!


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