Apple’s Progress

Yes, I admit the Apple I looked awful. A wooden box with ‘Apple Computers’ crudely cut into the backboard? And where did the screen go? In all the pictures I have seen of it, I don’t see where the screen would go apart from some metal fixings on the left, and if you fitted a screen in there, you would cover up the ‘App… Com…’ part of the backboard. They moved quickly onto a plastic box with a screen built in, and you didn’t have to build this one yourself! When Steve Jobs was ‘let go’ from Apple, they went downhill, into beige tower computers. Once Steve had sold off pixar, Apple begged for him to return, and then we see colour return to the world and lovely looking pieces of art. The original iMacs should be in an art gallery, wait, all of them should be, all four different looks. If Microsoft built a computer (they did, they’re called the xbox and xbox 360) you would see a green cube or a slightly curved white box. With apple, you see art. The original iMac may have been big, but it was revolutionary. The first one was released in 1998 with a 4GB hard drive and 384MB of RAM. After that wave of iMacs, in 2002, they brought out the incredible flat panel iMac with the metal neck. The majority of apple products from the late 90s and ‘noughties’ (seriously, who came up with that!?) all look(ed) very nice. Apple products may not be as compatible, but you pay for the name design and power.


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